Program Overview and Requirements

The mentoring program will launch in October and run through May.

The in-person kick-off event will take place in October and will be followed by a series of other in-person events, including one 30-45 minute session each week.

You do not need to be a staff member of Henrico County Public Schools. We are looking for mentors from a variety of backgrounds, committed to help encourage and support students during the school year.

Henrico H.E.R.O.E.S. mentors must commit to:

• Attending a kick-off event in October. (Mentors who cannot attend the kick-off event will not be eligible to participate in the program unless they make arrangements to meet his/her mentee prior to the event. We recognize that conflicts occur and we do not want to deter anyone from participating, however, it is critical to the program that all mentors meet with their mentee face to face when they are matched at the beginning of the year.) 

• Visit with mentee once a week for 30-45 minutes.

• Complete a two-hour program training.

• Attend a closing event and/or ceremony.

• Follow all safety and security rules of the program, including a background check.